Ok, after Green Lantern Corps #43 I created a Natu hatred signature which has been receiving some backlash. For some it's stirred up some crazy defense mechanism, while others just want to know why I have a loathing for her character. Which gave me the idea of writing this blog post to explain why I have what some believe a non-sensical hatred for the pink/orange skinned Korugarian.

1. Looks and Style

I'm going to go in reverse order for reasons I hate Natu. While her character design isn't the worst that's ever been dreamed up, it certainly isn't the best. When I see the likes of Arisia, Laira, Katma Tui, Iolande, Carol Ferris, all rather impressive designs. And if some of them aren't impressive, at least they're some eye candy for certain pages. Unfortunately, Natu's design is neither.

You know who I see when I flip through pages of GLC and Natu stares back at me with that short, militant hair cut?

Rachel Maddow, if you don't know is a pundent on MSNBC. If you can stand watching her show for more than 3-5 minutes then you deserve some kind of medal. Whenever I see Natu on a page, it basically reminds me of a well endowed, pinkish orange version of Rachel Maddow. Actually, even her facial bone structure reminds me of Maddow. And she's someone I don't want to be reminded of when reading about interstellar, cosmic adventure.

2. Origins (Go back and read Recharge)

Cliches are cliche for a reason. There's an amount of truth in them. The cliche that deals with my hatred for Natu is, "first impressions are the most important". So, I want you to think back to the first five issues of GLC, Recharge. We were introduced to Natu as a doctor, which we'd come to be reminded of time and time again throughout GLC. She didn't want to be a GL. Sure, her outwardly reasons for wanting to quit seemed noble enough, she was a doctor and wanted to stay on Korugar and help her people...blah blah blah. She also had a distrust of GL's because of Sinestro.

You can stick up for her all you want, but what it comes down to is Natu's origins are that of a quitter. Not necessarily a great way to make your start in the GLC. I know if I were leading a squad of ring slingers, I wouldn't want a weak link who fancied quitting to watch my back. So, ever since Recharge my detest for her has grown little by little. But it all started with her origin.

3. Dammit Kyle I'm Just A Doctor!!

If Natu has a character design reminiscent of Rachel Maddow, then her personality and dialogue reminds me of Dr. "Bones" McCoy from Star Trek. Who throughout the run of the show was always reminding someone he was a doctor. He couldn't do this or that cause "dammit, I'm just a doctor!".

When you think about it, why the hell would GL's need a doctor anyway? If they sustain injuries which are repairable isn't that something a ring could fix? These all powerful rings are capable of creating complex constructs yet they can't diagnose a sprained ankle and create a solution for its bearer? I guess if this were possible, Natu's significance would be drastically lessened.

4. She's Always Whining or Barking At Someone

There's a code of leadership which states, "it's not your words that define leadership but your actions". If that's the case then Natu's presence as a leader in the GLC hasn't been because of her daring heroics. Whenever Natu is around Iolande, or anyone who's supposed to be seen as an inferior she's always barking at them. That or she's whining about things not going her way. Which I think leads back to her quitter like origins.

I don't know if she got this trait from her father, but who the hell does she think she is? She's not Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, or Kyle Rayner, or even Kilowog for that matter. She's still a relative noob compared to the true leaders of the GLC. Therefore, why is it many times I see her she's always barking orders at people? She doesn't know military strategy, and she has no fighting background. Dammit she's just a doctor!

I have to tell you, if I was Iolande I would have laid a smackdown on Natu by now. I feel for Kyle, I can't imagine how much of a dominator she is in bed. Just remember the safe word Kyle....remember the safe word.

Other Various, but not big reasons for Natu hatred
- Her Princess Leia story of being Sinestro's daughter
- Her out of nowhere romance with Kyle Rayner, who's been the b/f of many a dead girlfriend.
- She, for no reason whatsoever gets more play time than any of the other recent GLC additions. Sometimes even more love than some of the older members.