So, here's my first installment of stuff that's awesome. Every week or so, I'll show you guys some podcasts, T.V. shows, Comics etc. that you need to check out. Soo, for week one, here we go!


iFanboy - This is an awesome podcast and all-around comics website. With their Pick of the Week, daily columns, 2 weekly podcasts, and great forum, you can't afford NOT to go.

Daizenshuu EX - Do you like Dragonball? Z? Not so much the GT? Check out Daizenshuu EX! A great Dragonball site and podcast and one of the first DB sites on the web. Started in 1998 and with it's huge community, check it out!

Diggnation - The biggest podcast in the geek world. If you DON'T watch Diggnation, you're an idiot. Two funny guys, sitting on a couch, drinking beer, and reading Digg stories. Starring one of the founders of Digg! What's not to love?

ParkCast A bit of a self-plug, ParkCast is my South Park podcast. It's on a bit of a hiatus right now, but it'll be back soon!

TV Show:

How I Met Your Mother - Funny Comedy!? OMC! (Oh My Chuck) That's right, How I Met Your Mother is ACTUALLY FUNNY! and that's something you don't find too often nowadays. Plus, it co-stars Neil Patrick Harris!


Action Comics and the New Krypton tie-ins - I'm telling you, this book is AWESOME! Geoff is writing a solid story with New Krypton, however annoying all the Kryptonians are. Plus, pretty soon the book will be all Superboy and Matrix-- I mean Nightwing and Flamebird. I don't see this book getting any worse. James Robinson, who's taking over for Geoff, is a great writer as well and I look forward to seeing him on the book.


Ctrl+Alt+Del - A hilarious webcomic about a group of video game nerds who get themselves, or rather one of the gets the rest, into wacky situations, including ending up in Italy and building a sentient Xbox robot.

Website: - Billing itself as the world's first comedy website, zug is HILARIOUS! Run by Sir John Hargrave (he's never been knighted, that's just his name. Part of a prank on the Queen of England.) Head over to Zug to check out some of John and his buddies biggest pranks EVER!


Hope you come by next week for more of my picks! Bye for now!