So, here's my second installment of stuff that's awesome. One week later of some podcasts, T.V. shows, Comics etc. that you need to check out. Time for week 2! GO!


Around Comics - A great comics podcast based in Chicago. They usually have some midwest-based comic book creator on almost every week, so it's a great listen

OtakuGeneration - A podcast that I just found recently, because of a guest of another podcast! Otaku Generation is a few guys, just talking about anime. I haven't listened to much, but what I've listened to is pretty good.

Scam School - Scam School is the only podcast that teaches you social engineering at the bar on on the street. That's right, you can learn how to scam people out of money and drinks using just this show! Plus, there's no charge to you!

Voiceprint with Trevor Devall and Guests - A show based out of Canada, starring Trevor Devall, a anime, cartoon, and video game voice actor. Each episode, he interviews a different voice actor, and they're HILARIOUS! but there's no real schedule, so don't get your hopes up for a new episode all the time.

TV Show:

Hehe. Haven't watched much TV lately, so I'm skipping this section for now.


What If? - Marvel has brought back What If? for a 5-issue (I think) weekly run. Issues 1 (House of M) and 2 (Fallen Son) are out and I think 3 came out this week. Definitely check it out!


El Goonish Shive - A hilarious webcomic about a group of friends who work in magic and Sci-fi. With Transformation Guns, Gender Swaps, and big boobies, check this shit out NOW!


Instructables - Ever want to know how to do or make something? Well, should be your first stop. From iPod docks to cooking Turkey, and even a DIY Green Lantern ring, it's definitely a great place to look for a weekend project.


Hope you come by next week for more of my picks! Bye for now!