Alright gents, so books coming out this week were: Fear Itself 7.3( A.K.A. Invincible Iron Man 509.1), Amazing Spider-Man 674, Venom 9, Nightwing 3 and Batman 3.

let's get crack-a-lackin!

Uncanny X-Men[A-]
Worlvering & The X-Men[B+]
Invincible Iron Man[B+]
: Still a B+ from the last little while. I like what Fraction can do with Tony Stark and the rest of the Invincible Iron Man cast, my problem is with what he has done and the major question being, what will he do? All in all, Fear Itself 7.3 helped a little as it served to show how minuscule Tony is to the current state of the Marvel U. Now Mr. Fraction, will he stay this small, or is he shaping up to start climbing the proverbial hill back to Super-heroism.
Amazing Spider-Man[A-]: The A- stands for this first version of Da List. But let's be honest, this is an A caliber book. I like how Slott has been able to take a bunch of Spidey's old school, silver age villains but has been able to give them a believable and real world twist to them. I hate to bring up the past but...why didn't they just do this instead of giving us Mr. Negative, Freak, Menace and the other forgettable villains of the recent past? Anyways, Slott's storytelling continues to entertain and each story-line really is new user friendly. So if you missed Spider-Island, pick up 674 and join in on the fun!
Venom[A]: Rick Remender has made me a believer! With issue 9, we get a decent wrap up of Spider-Island but more importantly we have Agent Venom pushed into a familiar yet highly enjoyable state: Monster. I'm liking the way this book has been set up since the beginning, he was a tool to be used by the USARMY and now here he is beginning to define his own life as a hero in the Marvel U. If you missed the first 9 issues, get them, they are well worth the money and you won't regret having read them as this book goes on.
The New Dark Avengers[A-]
Scarlet Spider(TBC)[]
Carnage USA[]
Venom Event(TBC)[]

: I <3 Scott Snyder. I mean really. So much so that I think I'm going to change my custom title to Snyder's Baby Mama. His Batman has been packed and I mean packed. In each single issue he is capable of including some comedy, action and suspense to keep the reader wanting more. Not to mention that his time on Detective Comics really shines through here as he adds elements of mystery and intrigue. If your not reading American Vampire you should be shot, if your not reading Batman you should be shot again.
Batman & Robin[A-]
: Nightwing was probably the book that was less anticipated this week. But it has been an entertaining read thus far with more questions than answers. If your looking for something a little different in your List, Nightwing might be it because it reads like a text book comic. It has everything one needs to attract new readers, but so far nothing to really hold onto. I'm waiting out to see where it goes, I like the idea of Dick being in charge of the circus and being "limited" by it's location to do his thing as Nightwing. It works with the current Saiko Killer story line but could become tiresome as the issues roll on. Next 'Ish has Barbara Gordon and Dick teaming up in there respective books(Crossover anyone?) so there is a chance that I might be dropping this shortly since what I have read from Batgirl 1 and 2 was really mediocre at best.
Green Lantern[A]
American Vampire[A+]