In todaysissue of chat in the Central Power Battery,we will talk about how bieng inside the Power Battery really affects me.Well when you try to charge you ring then get sucked up and trapped inside the Central power battery you would think it would be horibble,with the yellow fear bug,and giant entity whale on you every day.especially with them trying to posses you.Ok well paralax tries to posses me Ion just kinda lays there.But back to the point the power from the battery fuels my ring every day without me trying making me more powerful then Ion,but i dont own the powers of Ion so it's wierd.Waking Ion is like doing this and living with paralax is like doing this .there both jackasses but you can live with them.Once i get out i will be a mean green ring sling machine with all this juice i can surpass the 24 hour limit,but for now i'll stick with bieng able to contact you through the Green lantern message board on Oa through my ring> until next time
-TPB out-