So, as Day 3 continues Dan Didio and the DC panel continue to shove tiny hints about the future of the DCU. Obviously the most interesting to me, would be about F;ash: Rebirth..Not to long ago, Geoff Johns was asked ,by a friend of mine, if he was going to replace Wally with Barry. And his answer was along the lines of "I've proven I'm a Wally fan...I did write him for 5 years!" That's great Geoff, but we Wally fans need insurance! I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed to know that he's going to make it out of Rebirth alive...and well. I'm a Titans fan but I don't want all my Wally coming from a group series that involves a Bat-family member.

Another tidbit, is that Geoff Johns was asked if Barry Allen and Hal Jordan would have a teamup mini of some sort...Answer? "It's too early for that" but also added "Hal will be featured"

Why is it that the ONLY mention of Black Lanterns came as a joke referencing "Is Martian Manhunter dead, dead or Geoff Johns needs a Black Lantern?" LOL, of course Geoff agreed, but who knows if that was a joke or not. None of us would be surprised if MM became a Black Lantern, but would he want to?

WHY?! WHY?! WHY DOES DAN DIDIO AND THE DC PANEL CONTINUE TO ASK THE AUDIENCE HOW THEY FEEL ABOUT JASON TODD BECOMING BATMAN! They know we fucking hate that he's back, hate that he's an asshole, and hate the idea of him being Batman! If Grant does that(and doubt he will because Jason gets no love in Morrison's run) he will lose his biggest fan. (until he redeems himself of course)