Welcome back. If you're here for the first time, I ask that you take a look at the previous entry, not a requirement since things have slightly changed but would you start a book in chapter two? Before Part Two can begin, I'd like to let you know what you're getting yourself into. This is simply a fan venting on what he would add or subtract from his favorite company. Of course looking at the industry from the other side of the glass makes everything look easy, so before I start I'd like you all to know that I'm sorry if you are offended by the following statements. Now enjoy.

The Pursuit of Happiness

You can't please everyone. The more you try, the easier it is for them to take you down another notch. When deciding what characters get new titles or miniseries you have to be aware of the impending doom that will come once you attach certain creative talent. EVERYONE has flaws(Yes, even Grant Morrison). Deciding on what books need to be sprung and what books need to be...gently murdered is a difficult task. Its not Fantasy Football where I pick my favorites, put them in a certain position and hope they thrive. No. This is a business and that business needs to stay afloat. So personal grudges aside, here's what we're looking at across the vast DC Universe.

Doing the Math

Event tie-ins, Johnny DC(ex. Looney Tunes), and collections excluded, DC Comics puts out on average about 60 ongoing series, miniseries, one shots, and event titles per month. Its easy to find out what sells in this market, the Trinity sells(some more than others), event comics always sell, and weekly comics do just fine. That being said, I would certainly keep away from over-saturating my audience with event after event and still ask them to afford their monthly titles and a weekly book.


I want to lay out my (not so much)60 for 2011. Let's assume that I know what the post-Blackest Night world will be, and the conclusion to the impending Superman/New Krypton event. This is how your DCU would look under my editorial pen for an entire year. Clicking on the artists' name will give you a sample of their work in case you are not familiar with their work by name. Now please, enjoy:

Batman Family Titles

~Batman- Greg Rucka w/Jim Cheung
~Gotham Central- Greg Rucka w/Michael Lark
~Detective Comics- Chris Yost w/Rags Morales
~Catwoman- Paul Dini w/Guillem March
~Batgirl- Chris Yost w/Aaron Lopresti
~Nightwing- Peter Tomasi w/Shane Davis
~Outsiders- Dave Gibbons w/Lee Garbett

Superman Family Titles

~Superman- Mark Waid w/Leinil Francis Yu
~Action Comics(Starring Superboy)- Mark Waid w/Don Kramer
~Supergirl- Sterling Gates w/Jamal Igle
~Captain Atom(4 issue series)- James Robinson w/Mauro Cascioli

DCU Team/Group Titles

~JLA- Geoff Johns w/Eddy Barrows and Yildiray Cinar
~Teen Titans- Gail Simone w/Marcus To
~Checkmate- Greg Rucka w/Carlos Barberi
~Green Lantern Corps- Kurt Busiek w/Doug Mahnke
~All Flash- Fabian Nicieza w/Tony Daniel

DCU Titles

~The Flash- Geoff Johns w/Scott Kolins
~Wonder Woman- Grant Morrison w/Philip Tan
~Green Arrow- Matt Sturges w/Freddie Williams II
~Green Lantern- Kurt Busiek w/Dale Eaglesham
~Adventure Comics(Starring Aquaman)- Joe Kelly w/Ivan Reis

I have to admit, I love the co-feature idea. Its a great plan, but only if its not widespread or does not hinder the main feature of the title. My plan as Editor would to make sure these titles took advantage of a great idea. None of these have titles but instead characters, but they would of course have a central story that may or may not coincide with its main feature.

~Donna Troy(in Wonder Woman)- Kevin VanHook w/Francis Manapul
~Martian Manhunter(in Adventure Comics)- David Hine w/ChrisCross
~Huntress(in Outsiders)- J.T. Krul w/Tom Mandrake

Much like my bud, Dave, I want the DCU to have a nice corner of one theme. Unlike Dave, who prefers a horror element, I believe the DCU needs a magic theme yearly. Separate but interconnected stories, similar to Seven Soldiers. So among these miniseries, you'll see 4 different series for each quarter of the year, with a special one shot bringing it all together. The other miniseries are pretty self explanatory.

~The Spectre(3 issue series)(1st Quarter)- Neil Gaiman w/Frazer Irving
~SHAZAM!(3 issue series)(2nd Quarter)- James Robinson w/CAFU
~The Fate of Doctor Fate(4 issue series)(3rd Quarter)- Bill Willingham & Mark Millar w/JG Jones
~Zatanna(4 issue series)(4th Quarter)- Paul Dini w/Cameron Stewart

~More Than Magic(Oversized One Shot)- Bill Willingham w/Ed Benes

~Hawkman(6 issue series)- Brian Azzarello w/Ryan Sook

~Arsenal(Oversized One Shot)- Matt Sturges w/Ardian Syaf

~TITANS: Prophecy(4 issue series)(3rd Quarter)- Dan Abnett w/Jose Luis

~Brave and the Bold(6 issue series)Starring Jay Garrick & Alan Scott- Geoff Johns w/ Pete Woods

(Quarterly)- WEST* w/Ethan Van Sciver and J.H. Williams 3

~DCU: Global(Digital Comics)
- Top tier Wildstorm writers w/Ramon Bachs, Andy Clarke, Joe Quinones and others

My plan for the first year is to finally make it clear. Make it clear that Diana, Princess of Themyscira is more than a fit woman from an island with little clothing. I also plan on exploring the 5th world that many people seem to forget the DCU is in right now. With "The 5th World", I can accomplish both. The main title will explore the affects of the now dead New Gods, explore the affects of an Earth without a monitor watching, and a race against the clock to save the planet from an mysterious outbreak. Expect action, mystery and science.

~The 5th World(12 issues)(4th Quarter)- Grant Morrison w/Jock

~The Serum(2 issue tie-in)- Grant Morrison w/Frank Quitely

~The Science(2 issue tie-in)- Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti w/Andy Kubert

So until Part Three, that's it. Those are the stepping stones in which I would improve DC Comics. A fan can dream, and I do so every week...Thank you for reading.

*Joke, that was years ago and not only have I improved, I stopped fantasizing about JLU romances.