A couple of months ago I told you all that you need to have higher standards when judging/rating/reviewing/READING your comics. Hopefully you listened and applied this to your Wednesday ritual. If you did, then congrats you definitely know the feeling of utter disappointment and (hopefully) you have read a tremendous comic that makes having high standards worth it.

Well this time around I want to ask a few questions. First off, why is it that we(and by 'we', I mean YOU) take a single issue and judge it based on how it will read in trade? You're not reading it in trade damn it, so that thought shouldn't even cross your mind! It seems every week, every month, with every release that doesn't read well, somehow tells me "The series has okay but I'm sure it'll read better in trade, so don't worry!" Really? Is that supposed to be acceptable to me? So not only should continue picking this title up monthly, I should buy this (piece of trash) comic in paperback? Oh yeah, that should make my wallet love me so much more!

Let's get an example for our less astute readers(no offense, I love you). Final Crisis is a story that I enjoyed during its release, but after rereading the series, it became that much better. But if you didn't like the series with the monthly gap between issues, why would that change? What bearing will the last issue have on what I'm reading currently? The piece of crap I'm reading currently (just to remind you). When it came to Final Crisis, a lot of people claimed to not have understood the series or to a lesser extent issue #7. Well that's fine and dandy, but misunderstanding the comic isn't why I am not enjoying it. Give me a reason to reread this shit, and I will. But unless the dialogue changes or the artist improves his skill while the issue sits in my longbox, then I'm going to spend the next 5 minutes making a post on eBay instead of Wally's World Blog.

Please people, do me a favor and get that insane idea that every story reads better as a whole. The scenes are the same, and while the plot points may have a better/bigger payoff by the end, they will still mean nothing to me if you can't get me to enjoy them NOW. So let's read for today not tomorrow fans.

Find the Balance.

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