The following is a very direct and emotional response to writer Geoff Johns' statement on the recent FLASH news. It is not my intention to offend, insult, or harm anyone named,listed or insinuated with my words. I want and hope for only the best coming out of everything I write. Unlike other posts from "Wally's World Blog", it is completely unedited.


Geoff Johns damage control statements are getting old. I'm tired of getting so much crap with this "wait and see" approach. And I'm REALLY tired of these "Green Lantern" comparisons. This isn't Hal Jordan where he can ride off of half of a personality. Its FLASH! I actually want Wally and his supporting cast be more than one note characters with the occasional pop culture laugh line. Its fn ridiculous. Yes, DC dropped the ball. They seriously f'd up and now it feels like they're shoving Barry Allen down my throat. I'm not surprised, not one iota. I am mad though. I'm fn pissed at how Geoff Johns takes time out of his life to spew bullcrap like this. I don't give a darn if 2010 is going to be a great year for Barry Allen, that's not what I'm worried about and its not what I'm concerned about (at the moment). When its time to b**** and complain about the lack of a real personality in Barry Allen and the coattail riding that is sure to be The Flash in 2010 I will..and it'll be of grand proportions. But for now...for now I must ask why the f*** he feels its necessary to tell me everything is going to be amazing in 2011! Are you serious? Are you seriously trying to get me excited for a story coming in 2011 when you(and the powers that be) can't get 30 pages of a comic done in what...11 months time?? SERIOUSLY? You know what's the worst part of this? Its not that Scott Kolins great artwork on Wally(and family) will probably be regulated to some overpriced GIANT issue...NO. Its that they completed stopped it, which easily leads me to believe that there was no real direction for any character involved. There's no direction they want to take Bart Allen, Max Mercury, Wally West, (to a lesser extent) Jay Garrick. I'm sure when The Flash relaunches with Francis Manapul, it'll be full of some great artwork and plenty of pretty splash pages that will distract the majority from the lack of real character development. The longer I think about it, the more I just have to laugh. Someone at DC Comics screamed "Lets shut these Wally fans up Geoff! How do we do that you ask?! 2nd features!" The appeal for that is that Scott Kolins is to pencil it, reminding us of just how much Geoff Johns loves Wally West. Well someone name me one comic book creator who doesn't love the new character they are working on. For the past 3 or 4 years, Geoff Johns favorite character has been Hal Jordan. Once Barry Allen returns, then he gets added to the list...but once some foolish fan asks "Hey Geoff, don't cha love Wally too??!" What is he supposed to say? "No fanboy, me writing Wally West was nothing but a paycheck back then. THIS is the Flash I've wanted to play with. You could easily tell that by the blatantly horrific ending to Blitz." Of course we're not going to get the honest truth about favorites out of creators. Its still a business. And hell, Wally West just may be one of Geoff's favorite characters but that in no way shows us that he has a vision for the character. And if that is the case, its perfectly fine for him not to write the 2ND(not co)-feature. We fans rant and riot(mentally) all the time. Week after week. Month after month. For once I'd like to see my typing/recordings help get the fn job done correctly. This isn't a continuity issue where I insult the editors and Ivan Reis over Wally's new costume. This is a PLEA for the powers that be take more than a day...more than a find a solid direction for the Flash FAMILY (not universe) of characters. This isn't the Green Lantern Corps where they die like soldiers, this a family of characters. If someone dies, make it matter. Make it last more than an issue, and make the emotional part of that loss of life MATTER BEYOND that story arc. Make changes. Take this (ridiculously long) year of 2010 to get it right.

Happy Holidays