Carol Ferris' New Star Sapphire Costume Design

DC Comics recently unveiled their September solicitations for all their titles. More importantly to you, that includes the four (five including GL:TAS!) Green Lantern titles. One of the more notable sightings on Septembers solicits was the new costume for Carol Ferris, which you can sorta kinda see above. You know Carol Ferris right? The woman who's been making ridiculous decisions lately? The woman who apparently feels the need to throw her ring back on even after telling Hal off for the last 4 years about how bad they are? I thought that would ring a bell. Well, good news and bad news for you. Those who love cheesecake comics and half-naked drawings of Carol, you don't get that anymore. The new costume is covered from the neck down. So for those of you who are finally glad to see a woman stay clothed in a superhero comic, you can finally rejoice. You have Teen Titans artist Brett Booth to thank for that, who "made it a point to cover her from head to toe!"

Carol Ferris has had plenty of different looks throughout the years. Most of them are hideous. Some of them can be quite beautiful if drawn by the right artist. Others are something in between where ass shots and grace collide. Now we have a new costume to add to the collection. One that DC Comics editors must really be happy with. Why? When I asked designer, Brett Booth, if he had any more designs(as he's known to show off a few ideas after DC turns them down), he simply said "That's really it. I just modified the star to match her current one."

(Click images for a much larger view)

As you can see above, Brett tried two modified looks for Carol's new digs. One with a star within the star on her chest, and one without a star within the star on her chest. DC signed off one the one below without the mini star. Well that's that. Carol's got a new costume, a new book and with it an almost entirely new set of people to love. Maybe if WB makes a Green Lantern movie sequel, Blake Lively can wear this since she was so opposed to the previous costume. Hopefully we won't have to wait 3 months to see more of this costume, but if we do, it'll be in the pages of New Guardians. You know, in case you were wondering where to get your Ferris fix.