RECAP: Green Lantern at San Diego Comic Con 2012

Couldn't make it to San Diego for Comic Con? Not interested in twitter? Or maybe you just ignored mainpage news feed. Either way, we forgive you. So without further ado, here's a recap(in no particular order) of everything Green Lantern related from San Diego Comic Con!

~ San Diego Comic Con officially kicked off with some big Green Lantern news. In particular with the Cartoon Network CGI show, Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Not only will Guy Gardner be joining the show for part 2 of season one, but the corps will be tackling an insanely huge villain...The Anti-Monitor.

~ On top of that, Cartoon Network released a brand new poster showcasing the current and future lineup of their DC Nation programming block.

~ Before any panels started, Green Lantern writer Geoff Johns was in Los Angeles and gave some tidbits about the Third Army storyline. "The Third Army is the Guardians third try at creating an army that can make the universe a safe place. The Manhunters didn't work. They think the Green Lantern Corps didn't work, and you'll see why. So they create another army to replace them."

~ The Third Army story is big but only a "prologue to an even bigger story" that Geoff Johns has planned.

~ Speaking of Green Lantern...issue #11 was delayed two weeks, but soon after that news broke, we were treated to a preview for Green Lantern Corps #11.

~ DC Comics released their October solicitations on Monday and Green Lantern: The Animated Series #4 hit stores on Wednesday.

~ "That's a good idea. I'm going to write that down." - DC Comics' Senior VP Bob Wayne on future EARTH ONE OGNs starring other JLA characters.

~ Over 50 Pictures From the DARKNESS & LIGHT Art Show Featuring DC Comics Heroes & Villains

~ Sad news came on Thursday when TMZ reported that the voice of Kilowog in the GREEN LANTERN movie was hospitalized with cardiac arrest.

~ Justice League writer Geoff Johns teased about the future of the book. The beloved team isn't so much a team and that will be the focus of year 2. It all starts changing in issue #12 where a member leaves the team.

~ Tony Bedard says GL Kyle Rayner could be the "secret weapon" to defeating the Third Army.

~ He also said that Kyle will be going on a "dark journey". A quest to master all emotions, and will struggle with avarice and rage in the pages of New Guardians.

~ Seemingly answering my open letter, the Green Lantern panel said that Carol Ferris' time as the Queen of the Zamarons will be addressed in New Guardians. ‪

~ Johns confirmed that there's only one Darkseid in the New 52. "It's the same exact Darkseid [in 'Earth 2' as in 'Justice League']. There's only one Darkseid."

~ Speaking of Justice League, Johns mentioned that the team would be dealing with the Martian Manhunter in January.

~ For those yearning for that Red Lantern Dex-Star Valentines Day Special comic...Geoff says it's not happening until the Superman people deal with Krypto.

~ Two big Green Lantern characters are returning sooner rather than later. Last seen in the now defunct Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors series, Sodom Yat and the former Guardian, Appa Ali Apsa.

~ In discussing the zero issue of Earth 2, James Robinson says there were 8 wonders in the past, not just a trinity. 4th hero has since turned evil & is a villain in the present day.

~ Thanks to certain developments in Earth 2, Jade's status is not known in DCU yet but Alex was still Kyle's girlfriend and Tony Bedard will be "filling out the rest" as things go.