04.28.00 (Friday)

New TMNT graphic novel! 6:28pm PDT
A new, 72-page B&W TMNT graphic novel starring Casey Jones by writer/artist Jeff "J.B." Bonivert, "Muscle & Faith," dubbed an "Instant classic" by Kevin Eastman is coming! Click on the graphic below for all the details on this online-only (for now) special.

If you'd like to see this comic published and distributed to comic shops everywhere and made available to order, be sure and sign the Flying Colors guestbook and request this (they're listening - I asked).

Order screenplays for all three TMNT movies
Click here.

04.12.00 (Wednesday)

TurtleCon 2000! Turtle Fans Unite! 11:18pm PDT
Quick! Go here for details on the Turtle convention of the millennium by the fans for the fans to be held in Michigan later this year. Also see the petition to bring back the TMNT.

Fan art?
I'll begin setting up a TMNT fan art gallery archive... just as soon as I start receiving fan art. Send'em my way.

01.21.00 (Friday)

"TMNT: Transcension" fanfic completed! 1:12am PDT
Sharon Lee's fifth chapter, "The Bleeding Sky," is now up, along with my epilogue. The final battle with The Shogun is chronicled, as well as its aftermath. Questions are raised, questions are answered... and in the end nothing is the same. Read it all here.

"TMNT & More Strangeness" RPG update
Very old news, but Palladium reports this project has been cancelled upon a predicted "poor market" for the book, that it "wouldn't earn back the cost of printing."

11.13.99 (Wednesday)

TMNT #23 released! 12:32am PDT
The final issue and grand finale of the Image series (Volume 3). On their nineteenth birthday the Turtles, recruited by their now-ally Pimiko, regroup, and assist Raphael in his fight against the mysterious "Lady Shredder," the traitorous Cheng, and the Foot that turned against him. A worthy end cap to a great series. 

"TMNT & More Strangeness" RPG update
The latest in a frustrating continuing series of delays, "TMNT & More Strangeness" has been delayed from its (probably 17th missed date so far since "Fall 97" was promised) November 1st ship date to a broad "Summer 2000" release date with the additional note that it could be pushed into the "late Summer months." What is this bullshit? Why is it taking so long? According to Palladium representative Maryann Siembieda, they've been advertising the book for over a year now and "the demand just isn't there." Palladium is considering scrapping the project altogether, which will more than likely happen as demand isn't going to get any better the longer the ridiculous delay. Visit the Palladium page here or bitch out Maryann Siembieda on behalf of TMNT fans everywhere here.

09.22.99 (Wednesday)

TMNT #22 released! 12:57am PDT
Raphael's duel with Pimiko for the right to bear the mantle of the Shredder, concluding in a most unexpected way... and there is now the Lady Shredder to worry about, only creating more questions. Also, the issue of Leonardo's severed left hand is addressed in a fairly pleasing manner. The next issue will be the Image series' final issue.

"TMNT & More Strangeness" RPG update
According to the Palladium Books website, "TMNT & More Strangeness" (the second edition of "TMNT & Other Strangeness") is finally available for ordering. To place an order visit the Palladium page here.

08.31.99 (Tuesday)

"Shredder: The Decadence" update 12:15am PDT
Chapters 6, 7, and the epilogue have been written and put up. The story of how eighteen year-old Oroku Saki took on the mantle of "The Shredder," curried the favor of The Faceless One, and what happened to the mother of Pimiko. Also, the conclusion of Leonardo's meeting with the elderly Oroku Saki in the year 2059 in the epilogue. Read it here.

08.18.99 (Wednesday)

"Ninja Turtles: Transcension" update 10:57pm PDT
Chapter 3: Heroes in a Half Shell, the first chapter to be released since January, is now up. Leonardo from the Mirage/Image universe crosses over into the universe of the cartoon, just in time for Shredder and Krang to make their triumphant return. Read it here.

08.15.99 (Sunday)

The 1999 San Diego Comic ConSan Diego Comic Con Update 5:57pm PDT
The day finally came. It was quite the convention, and truly the definitive yearly comic convention. Staying in San Diego for the week, I even watched news briefs on the con prior to my preregistration on Thursday the 12th.

The 13th was it. I spoke first to Kevin Eastman himself, the co-creator of the Turtles, owner of Heavy Metal Magazine (and is making Heavy Metal: Fakk 2 through Columbia/Tri-Star, due out next January or February), then his gorgeous model/actress wife, Julie Strain. There is a bit more to my meeting w/Kevin than I can let on right now, but stay tuned.

Kev's sketch to me Julie Strain's autograph to me Julie Strain's card to me
(left: Kev's sketch, middle: Julie's autograph, right: Julie's card)

New TMNT graphic novel information!
Kevin Eastman confirmed the graphic novel he informed fans about at the WonderCon earlier this year. It seems he has been waiting for a chance for both his and Peter Laird's schedules to free up, and only now is the opportunity arising. I asked him if it would continue the events of the to-be-cancelled-at-#23 Image TMNT series and he said he wasn't sure, but admitted that the Turtles didn't have the same "fan base they used to." He also stated the possibility that the new TMNT Eastman/Laird graphic novel wouldn't be a stand-alone kind of special at all, but a crossover with another well-established title.

08.04.99 (Wednesday)

San Diego Comic Con Update 10:57pm PDT
Both Kevin Eastman and his wife, Julie Strain, will be at the San Diego Comic Con from August 12-14 at their respective Heavy Metal booth. I myself will be there... be looking for a guy with a goatee and a black hat that says "Psycho" on it. That'll be me.

07.08.99 (Thursday)

TMNT #21 released! 6:27pm PDT
The Triceraton invasion of New York is brought to a climax with the return of Raphael, who brings along his entire entourage of Foot trainees. The invasion is warded off by the Turtles, Casey, and the efforts of Leatherhead, but Raphael's claim to the mantle of the Shredder is challenged... by Oroku Saki's daughter, Pimiko. And she brings with her those who have already accepted her birthright - the Shredder Elite from "City at War." Additionally, the fate of Karai is revealed. All appropriate comic sections have been updated.

06.09.99 (Monday)

"Shredder: The Decadence" update 3:15pm PDT
The fifth chapter of "Shredder: The Decadence" (written by Andrew Modeen), "Fallen Angel," is finally up, detailing 7 year-old Oroku Saki's first induction into the Japanese Foot Clan following the death of his older brother. Read it here.

"Shredder Resurrection" & "Shredder: Retribution" update
Both stories, "Shredder Resurrection" (written by Andrew Modeen & Sharon Sedgley) detailing the resurrection of Oroku Saki/The Shredder following his death in "Return to New York" circa Image TMNT time, and "Shredder: Retribution" (also written by Andrew) detailing the resurrected Oroku Saki's vengeance on the Turtles and his newfound alliance w/his daughter, Pimiko, have received minor updates w/new title graphics. Read "Shredder Resurrection" & "Shredder: Retribution."
"Shredder: The Decadence" is a prequel to both stories, as well as sequel (the prologue and epilogue, anyway), detailing the falling from grace of Oroku Saki and the long road that led to his accepting the mantle of "The Shredder" in Japan.

05.10.99 (Monday)

Words & Pictures museum closing 1:17pm PDT
On the 15th or 16th of June, the Words & Pictures Museum, a celebration of the comic book opened by Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird, located in Northampton, MA, will be closing down. Peter Laird will be there for the final days. M.I., AKA Donatello, is organizing a party get-together. Contact her for details.

TMNT & More Strangeness update
Yet another shipping date in a long list of shipping dates dating back to the fall of 1997, April 30th, has been missed with no explanation (replies from Palladium are pending). One can only wonder if this sourcebook will ever surface.

04.17.99 (Saturday)

TMNT #20 released! 12:47am PDT
Donatello takes on the Triceraton invasion, Leonardo goes to Raphael for the Foot's help in stopping the invasion, Pimiko becomes the "guest" of Splinter, and... the fate of Horridus/Sara? Oh, and the truth about Leo's chewed-off hand is revealed = it's really gone. 3 more issues left...

Kevin Eastman at WonderCon... TMNT isn't over yet!
At this comic convention in northern California, Kevin Eastman informed fans yesterday of a 60-70 page TMNT graphic novel he would be doing with Peter Laird immediately following Kevin's involvement with Heavy Metal II: FAKK2. Whether this project would come through Erik Larsen's studio of Image Comics or directly from Mirage Publishing is unknown, but it seems TMNT will not fade into the shadows so easily quite yet.

04.13.99 (Tuesday)

Screenplay section updated 12:51am PDT
Some developments may be brewing... click on the animated image below.

03.17.99 (Wednesday)

TMNT & More Strangeness update 8:51pm PDT
According to the latest press release on the Palladium Books site, this impossibly delayed project is currently slated to begin shipping April 30th. Additionally, Maryann Siembieda told me this in an E-mail response:

"We know its late:( It will be out very soon. Due to approvals and such it got bogged down."

03.09.99 (Tuesday)

Mirage speaks 8:35pm PDT
Here's the E-mail reply I received that tells what Dan Berger of the Official TMNT Website and Gutwallow has to say to me about the cancellation of the Image TMNT series:

> TMNT is said to be cancelled after #23. It's been heard from Erik at
> www.savagedragon.com and it's been heard from Gary in E-mail (waiting
> for a reply from Gary myself). It seems pretty concrete, but I was
> wondering what you heard.

"That's what I heard. =O("

> Will Mirage resurrect the title a ways down the road?

"I dunno. I wouldn't rule it out, but seeing as how the entire comic industry is in such bad shape these days, I dunno how soon they might try anything new. This is pure conjecture on my part, as I have no official word from anyone what's gonna happen beyond the cancelation of the Image book."

And here's what Molly Bode had to say to me, also of the Official TMNT Website:

"What I heard was that sales were not helping the comic pay for itself and there has not been any increase in number. Issue #23 will be out sometime this summer and then we are going to let it rest for a while."

And what Molly said in regard to another E-mail, also dealing with their latest fourth "movie deal":

"Please let people on the site know that the IMAGE comic has nothing to do with our site. This site comes to you from Mirage Studios. Just because IMAGE is not printing our book anymore does not mean the end of this site.

"The fourth movie deal did not go through. Right now Kevin is concentrating on finishing the HEAVY METAL movie F.A.K.K.2 that supposed to be out in August.

"The company RACING CHAMPIONS is going to be coming out with little collectible cars with Turtles on them, five different designs. The live action show [Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation] is playing all over the world (except the United States) and doing very well."

And finally, Gary Carlson's reply to my E-mail:

"Yep, that was Erik and #23 will be the last issue of TMNT from Image or anyone
for a while."

And he notes, in a response to a different E-mail:

"I got an email from someone who thought the book was being cancelled because I left it to work with Erik on Aquaman. In case anyone asks, it isn't true."

03.06.99 (Saturday)

TMNT cancelled 7:55pm PDT
Another black day for the TMNT has come. News is coming in from all directions indicating the cancellation of the Image Comics/Highbrow Studios' TMNT series (Volume 3).

What Erik Larsen (confirmed as him) posted on the "Savage Forum" at www.savagedragon.com:

"Due to low sales, TMNT #23 will be the last issue of the title-- from ANY company. This was also the first year that the TMNT had NO presense at Toy Fair. Looks like it may be over, folks."

Then, in a reply to an ensuing post:

"It was decided to end it at #23 because that issue would resolve some things and leave the series in a nice place so that Kevin & Pete could do something with it later.

"There is a possibility that they'll show up again in Savage Dragon but NOT as regular characters and NOT on any kind of regular basis."

And then to verify his identity in a third post:

"The book was selling about half of what it needed to be to break even. Kevin and Pete were willing to fund things for a while but since there's no toys and no TV show-- it's become a financial drain. So the plug was pulled. As for Erik Larsen impersonators here-- I've been pretty on top of shutting them down-- I read the board pretty often and if something like that shows up-- it's removed pretty quickly."

Now here's an E-mail sent to Adam Mollinger from Gary Carlson, writer of TMNT (I've written Gary myself and hope to have a reply soon):

"Unfortunately, it's true. Number 23 will be the last issue of TMNT, due to falling sales. AmeriComics talked to Mirage about possibly taking over the book (keeping the same creative team and numbering), but in the end all agreed it would be best to shut down the book.

"Issue 20 is at the printer, so you won't read anything about it in the lettercol, but don't be fooled. The end is near.

"Everything will be tied up by #23. I'll be working with Peter Laird to leave the characters in position for the next creative team, whoever and whenever that is. It has been fun. I'm going to miss the book and the characters. Thanks for all the support."

03.03.99 (Wednesday)

TMNT #23 in PREVIEWS 8:25pm PDT
"Lady Shredder" vs. Leo, Don, and Mike while Raphael is her prisoner. See the cover & featured blurb here. The forthcoming #20, #21, and #22 are also featured here.

TMNT movie #4 tidbit
Jonathan Peck has been informed by his agent that no producer is interested in producing a TMNT movie. His screenplay, "TMNT 4: Mutacide," is now on indefinate hold. My own screenplay for "Ninja Turtles" remains in progress. Watch for an exciting announcement in the months ahead. :)

02.05.99 (Friday)

"Ninja Turtles: Twilight Reflections" update! 11:37pm PDT
A prologue has been added to the story, chronicling a pivotal moment in the Turtles' pre-teen years under Splinter's watchful eye. Read it here.

Multimedia updated!
Four MIDIs from the NES TMNT 2: The Arcade Game title have been posted. Check them out in the multimedia section here.

02.04.99 (Thursday)

TMNT #19 released! 8:17pm PDT
Leo (the left hand issue left vague, though it's apparently gone), Mike, and Leatherhead find themselves confronted with a commando squad of Triceratons when Leatherhead's new Transmat Device is tested on Leo and accidentally sends the Triceraton Republic, who now claim to have Transmat technology of their own, the coordinates of Earth. In addition, the Utrom friend of Leatherhead, Dr. X, is introduced, Don is interrogated by the Men in Black of the government, a short father-son talk with Raph & Splinter, and a Horridus/Sara appearance. The comic section is updated with Kevin & Peter quotes, and the encyclopedia section is updated with info from #19 (Dr. X and Cheng profiles will be up next update).

Reason behind beyond ridiculous delay in "TMNT & More Strangeness"?
This message was found on the message board on the Palladium Books website:

"Well, do you know why it's been pushed back so much? There was a licensing dispute that pushed it back a couple of months (a bunch of corporate morons wanted Palladium to include the female turtle from that God-awful live-action pile they released a few months back [NT:TNM]). Combine that with the fact that TMNT isn't Rifts, and it could be years before we see it."