11.22.98 (Sunday)

TMNT products update 12:35am PDT
From Molly Bode of www.ninjaturtles.com, these are the TMNT products on the horizon, in addition to Palladium Books' "TMNT & More Strangeness" nearly-released sourcebook:

"A giga pet type of game is in the works by Tiger Electronics but it is not out in stores just yet. I just received a pre-production copy of the hand held game they are doing called NINJA TURTLES: THE NEXT MUTATION. It should be in stores soon. A company called MAJESCO SALES in New Jersey is re-issuing TMNT IV 'TURTLES IN TIME' for Nintendo SNES and 'TOURNAMENT FIGHTERS' for Sega Genesis. Konami is re-issuing all the Gameboy games. Unique Industries will be out soon with TMNT party favors. Most of the other licensing things we are doing are for European companies and will not be available for sale in the US."

New frame layout
The frame layout has been redone, providing for more efficient and ease of navigation through the Ninja Turtles Empire.

11.14.98 (Saturday)

Bit of Ninja Turtles IV news 2:38am PDT
A bit of new information surfaced from an old Michael Dooney (who was quite the Mirage Studios mainstay) interview from December of 1997 (which can be read here). Also a small, ambiguous update on the "surprising news that could be good news" from www.ninjaturtles.com co-maintainer and also longtime Mirage mainstay Dan Berger. See the Ninja Turtles IV section here.

"Ninja Turtles: Transcension" update
I have completed the first chapter to the multi-TMNT universe spanning "Ninja Turtles: Transcension" fanfic being written by Dawn Coll and myself. Check it out here.

8 newly discovered TMNT MIDIs have been added to the multimedia section. These are from the original NES TMNT game and TMNT IV: Turtles in TIme on SNES. Listen to them here.

DTMNT update
Version .54 is now available optomized for Pentiums. Click here.

11.08.98 (Sunday)

"Ninja Turtles: Transcension" update 4:14pm PDT
Dawn Coll has completed the prologue to the multi-TMNT universe spanning "Ninja Turtles: Transcension" fanfic. Check it out here.

New Gary Carlson interview
A new interview with Image TMNT series writer Gary Carlson has been done by the Comic Book Network Electronic Magazine website. He discusses a few TMNT-releated points, as well as revealing that (SPOILER ALERT!) Leonardo will soon have his hand bitten off in the comics. Read the interview here.

Chance to bring back Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation?
For information on how you might be able to persuade the Fox Kids Network to bring back the Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation TV series, see the fan forum section on the Official TMNT Website here.

New release of DTMNT Arcade emulator
Version .54 is now available. Click here for the emulator, and grab the ROMs you need to play it here.

11.01.98 (Sunday)

TMNT #21 in PREVIEWS 12:15am PDT
See the cover & featured blurb here. The forthcoming #18, #19, and #20 are here as well.

10.17.98 (Saturday)

"TMNT & Other Strangeness, 2nd Edition" receives title change 12:01am PDT
The much-delayed second edition to the classic "TMNT & Other Strangeness" has received a slight title change to "TMNT & More Strangeness." To go to the Palladium site with the often revised preview scoop on this project, click here.

New release of DTMNT Arcade emulator
Version .53 is now available. Click here.

10.11.98 (Sunday)

"Ninja Turtles: Transcension" project revealed 12:20am PDT
The opening graphics and title page I made for what I believe will be an epic fanfic of time travel, dimensional travel, and the truth of reality can be seen and heard here. Perhaps most interestingly, the Mirage/Image TMNT will crossover with the "dimensions" of the cartoon, Archie Comics, and live-action (movies & Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation) Turtles. When it is over, nothing will be the same in any universe. A story written by Dawn Coll and myself, something of a coda to the popular "Ninja Turtles: Twilight Reflections."

Other TMNT writing projects I am still tackling: "Shredder: The Decadence," "Batman/TMNT: City of Darkness," and "Tales of the TMNT: Raphael - Peace of Mind" (which I illustrate as well). I will complete them in that order, but dont quote me on that.

10.09.98 (Friday)

TMNT #17 released! 1:07am PDT
The return of Leatherhead and Warlord Komodo. Also, the cliffhanger from #16 is resolved... and the fate of Splinter is revealed. Also, some strain comes between Leonardo and Raph, and Leonardo and Mike. From the last page, it looks like the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan.

10.03.98 (Saturday)

TMNT #20 in PREVIEWS 12:15am PDT
See the cover & featured blurb here. The forthcoming #17, #18, and #19 are here as well.

New release of DTMNT Arcade emulator
Version .52 is now out. Click here.