New section grand opening! 12:55am PDT
A section entirely devoted to the chronology of the comic TMNT has been put up here. All major dates and events in both reality and comic-time are addressed, even including Palladium RPG lore. More pics are in the works.

Oh, the second and third chapters of "Shredder: The Decadence" are up, too. :)


Long Live the Empire! 10:35pm PDT
You will find a new look to The Ninja Turtles Empire, one admittedly inspired by the creativity of other TMNT-related sites. After a couple weeks of work, I hope I have finally managed to successfully streamline and expand what I hope to continue to make the most comprehensive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles site on the Web. Let me know how Im doing.


The Official #TMNT_MM Page is here! Now a part of The Ninja Turtles Empire! 12:15pm PDT
The only uncensored TMNT channel now has its homepage - here! Click here to see it.


"Shredder: The Decadence" story launched! 1:45am PDT
The concluding tale in the Shredder trilogy begins. Click here. Also check out the previous two installments, "Shredder Resurrection" and "Shredder: Retribution."


Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation... Cancelled? 11:45pm PDT
Click here for details, and on how you can let your voice be heard.

Over his dead body


TMNT #15 is out! 9:55pm PDT
The revival of Donatello and the triumphant return of Klunk!

It is also interesting to note that Gary Carlson, writer of TMNT, put a link to this very site (under its previous name, "The Ninja Turtles Newsletter") in the next issue blurb of #15. I actually listed the address in my letter in #13, but this time Gary himself did it. Cool!

(And Gary, if you’re listening, if you’re ever swamped for ideas or wouldn’t mind a co-writer, I’m here for ya, dude!)