TMNT VOLUME 1, #4-7: After Splinter was abducted by Dr. Baxter Stockman’s mousers to remain missing even after Baxter was brought in, the Turtles set out to search for him. Instead, having discovered that TCRI (Techno-Cosmic Research Institute) was the company responsible for the canister of mutagenic ooze that mutated them fifteen years previously, they investigate a building in downtown Manhattan that bears the TCRI name, finding those working within it to be aliens called Utroms masquerading as human beings. When they found Splinter inside, they mistakedly think the aliens were attempting to kill or torture him, so they proceed to fight them. Their fight took the Turtles onto a translocation/Transmat (think of it as an extremely long-range Star Trek transporter) Device that accidentally warps them to Peblak City on the planet D’hoonib. There, they found themselves fighting a vicious race of beings called the Triceratons, as well as being on the run from local Human Federation trooper authorities. After being captured by the Triceratons and taken to an orbital arena, they managed to escape home after a bout in a Triceraton tournament.

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The Leaders entrance into the belly of their ship made the other yautja clear aside. As he made his way into the dark, musky nest the others had constructed out of acid-resilient alloys, the yautjas deadly captive came into view.

Gagged and bound in unbreakable dlex binds was a black-skinned creature with six limbs that, even with its appendages coiled back in gigantic chains and shackles, stood at over twenty feet in height. It was the beastly Hard Meat Queen, and she was continuing to serve her purpose in the darkness of the makeshift nest the Leaders brethren had prepared for it. Even as he watched the creature, the many tubes and IVs in place at different points around its body continued to pump the queen with more and more of the yautjas genetically enhanced hormone to accelerate egg production. Yes, it would be seen to that she served her purpose in as efficient a manner as possible.

For a moment the Queen seemed to acknowledge the Leaders gaze. Her mighty ridged, eyeless head turned to meet it and she released a long, high-pitched banshee-like hiss.

The conveyor belts and interlocking screening devices that ran beneath her winding egg sac carried her eggs off into the awaiting Nedtesei, which would ferry them to the planet of their destination upon entry approach.

Satisfied with the situation, the Leader whirled around and started back to the bridge of the ship, his cape whipping around him.

They of the black armored exoskeletons and acid blood, the Hard Meat, the kainde amedha, would be used for the yautjas purposes once again. They were the ultimate prey, the opponents that could turn a battle around in an instant and slay even the most decorated of yautja warriors. The Leader had slain twenty of the kainde amedha in a truly brutal Hunt three years ago that he alone survived, and he had the trophies to prove it. It was by his victory against the Hard Meat that he was given the honor of Leadership, a role he did not take lightly.

The Leader had an assembly of un-Blooded, untried adolescent warriors waiting within the ship. The world had been selected. The eggs were ready to be delivered. All the pieces had fallen into place, and the time was nearly at hand. The anxiety could be felt through every corner of the ship.

Reaching the bridge, the Leader could see the planet in question, its sphere now encompassing over half the viewer with their proximity. Gray and blue the world was, with visible space stations of assorted kinds scattered across its orbit. Where the other Hunt-selected worlds were typically barren, unsophisticated rocks with only minimal indigenous life, this planet was a technological world, one rife with the pyode amedha oomans.

Without question, an unconventional world in which to carry out the Hard Meat Hunt. But the Leader was, by most measures, an unconventional yautja. He considered the change in setting would only heighten the challenge, which was what any true yautja should aspire to do in the time of the Hunt. He wished to raise the bar.

Turning to his side, a quartet of his yautja disciples awaited his word. With a ceremonious bow of his head, he gave it.

The Hunt was on.

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