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"The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat,
and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy.
- Sun Tzu


The Leader nodded to the other yautja that gathered around the vidscreen of their ship, in orbit over the planet Earth now, that had displayed the Shelled Ones’ final conflict with the Hard Meat. They left him then, going back to their daily regimen and training exercises.

The Hunt had gone well this time. On D’hoonib an entire group of yautja had been Blooded in Hunt with the Hard Meat. Regrettably, four of the already-Blooded yautja had been lost to the Shelled Ones, but their Final Hunt had been a meaningful one indeed. There was no disgrace, only great honor and fulfillment, in death by a worthy combatant.

Yes, the Shelled Ones.

The Leader had to admire the skill of the four Shelled Ones he had personally awarded one of the yautja’s strongest blades. But then, he remembered, Earth had always proved itself to have a wealth of reputable warriors in the past. The oomans the yautja had challenged before on Earth were all worthy opponents, but there was something about the Shelled Ones that interested the Leader even more.

And, the Leader expected, there was something about them that interested other yautja as well. He knew why.

The Shelled Ones understood the Path; the Code of the Warrior. They were kindred spirits, in their own way.

"Will we Hunt the Shelled Ones, Leader?" a young yautja female asked, one nearly as tall as he. The plain dlex headband of student adorned her ridged brow.

The Leader looked back to the vidscreen. The screen held a infra-red freeze-frame of the Shelled Ones, standing victorious amongst a chamber full of the bodies of the Hard Meat. "In time, my brethren," he answered calmly. "In time."

Surely it was a thing to be looked forward to.





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