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( See Oroku Pimiko ) 


An Italian man with mob ties and who is the biological father of Shadow Jones. At some point in time he was involved with Gabrielle Jones, whom he got pregnant and then dumped. When he died (or was perhaps killed for mob-related reasons), Gabrielle went on to later meet and marry Casey Jones, who would father her daughter, Shadow, when she died giving birth. (TMNT Vol. 3, #8).

NOTE : Albert Puzorelli is never actually seen in any comic.


Antoine PuzorelliA powerful Italian mob boss in New York, perhaps one in the same ranks as Tony Twist, and the father of the late Albert Puzorelli. It was Antoine who contracted the Foot Clan to find and bring him his granddaughter, Shadow Jones. When Raphael consulted the Foot about the kidnapping, they revealed the contract and offered Raphael a contract of their own: assassinate Antoine and take Shadow back. Raphael agreed, though during the mission he found he could not bring himself to assassinate Puzorelli. Michaelangelo stepped in after Raphael escaped, tracking Shadow to the cathedral where Antoine and his wife were about to have her baptised. Disguising himself as a priest, he rescued Shadow, escaping Antoine and his men as he fled to the roof and acted as a gargoyle (TMNT Vol. 3, #7 & 8). Antoine put the hit out for the whole New York Foot Clan, whom he blamed for the loss of Shadow. His hitmen tracked the Foot Clan to their lair, then gunned down the entire ruling council and at least forty some members before being taken out one-by-one by Raphael, who began his masquerade as Shredder amidst the conflict. Killing the entire hitmen squad of over fifty, Raphael went before directly before Puzorelli and forced a pact of peace (TMNT Vol. 3, #12 - 14). Antoine later sees his granddaughter on TV during Casey Jones' ticker tape parade ceremony, relieved to have found her again. He immediately has his men launch another attempt to get her back (TMNT Vol. 3, #22).


( See McIntyre, Hazel ) 


Johnny Lee "DeathWatch" Raeburn(AKA "DeathWatch") A mass murderer turned alien savage, one that feeds on the life force and fear of his victims. In Little Rock, Arkansas, the elementary school janitor Johnny Lee Raeburn had a murderous reign that lasted from 1970 to 1976. Twenty-eight children were butchered by Raeburn until a near twenty-ninth escaped his clutches to lead police to Raeburn’s apartment. Convicted and sentenced to twelve consecutive life sentences by Judge Pulaski, even his own mother testified against him. When President Jimmy Carter sponsored NASA’s "Seeker" program, a program that sent convicted felons into space to monitor their life-signs on extended space voyages to examine Pluto and check for signs of Planet X, Johnny Lee Raeburn was blasted off into space on April 29, 1979 aboard Seeker 3. After a sixteen year trip to Pluto (during which time Seeker 3 became enveloped by a spacecraft belonging to the alien Turellans and a Turellan questprobe merged with him), Raeburn became a crazed, super-powered creature, and began a two year trip back to Earth, at the end of which he crash-landed (Vanguard Vol. 1, #2 & 6). After adopting the name DeathWatch, Raeburn came to Chicago, Illinois to enact vengeance on Judge Pulaski. His efforts were stopped by Officer Dragon, Donatello, and Vanguard, forcing him to teleport elsewhere, though not before draining Donatello of his mind, leaving the cyborg part of the Turtle in charge. The Turtles then, with the help of Vanguard, traveled to DeathWatch’s hometown of Sheldon, Arkansas. Finding the entire populace of the town massacred, including DeathWatch’s own mother, Donatello and Vanguard confronted DeathWatch a second time. This time, before transporting away again, DeathWatch critically injured Donatello, impaling him through the chest and tearing off his arm (TMNT Vol. 3, #10 - 13).



The Rat King(AKA "The Monster") A hermit with mental power over rodents; a man believing himself a monster who rejected his humanity for reasons unknown upon some traumatic event in his past and took on the identity of "the Rat King." Passing through a ghost town beyond Manhattan, the Turtles and Casey Jones found themselves caught in a surprise attack by the Rat King, who lived in the abandoned area. After a fight, Leonardo hurled a shuriken star that struck the Rat King square in the chest, then sent him tumbling over the edge of the building he stood on (Tales of the TMNT #4). Some time later, when Splinter went on a journey of enlightenment while his pupils dealt with the warring factions of the Foot Clan, he wandered into the same ghost town the Turtles once passed through. Losing his footing, he fell into the same building as the Rat King had when Leonardo struck him down, breaking his leg. Weakened and famished, the apparition of the Rat King helped Splinter survive (by forcing him to consume a one of his own kind, a rat) and gave him the knowledge he sought. Splinter then discovered the now-skeletal corpse not to far from where he had lay, evidently establishing that Leonardo had killed him in the previous encounter (TMNT Vol. 1, #55 - 59).


( See Tilley, Renet )


Lord Marcus Sandelheim(AKA "Lord Simultaneous") A methodical and dedicated Time Lord, committed to keeping the time stream of Earth clean and unpolluted. He has trained several apprentices over the years and had found life with his latest apprentice, Renet, to be by far the most difficult. Prior to taking on Renet, Savanti Romero was his apprentice, who ultimately turned on him and tried to "edit" him out, forcing him and the 79th Level to banish him to 1406 A.D. He did, however, have high hopes for Renet, since he saw something of his own youthful rebellion in her. His own Time Lord tutor was Lord Marcellus Timagetus. Marcellus, who found and conquered the 79th Level from his origins in the Roman Republic (circa 180 B.C.), rescued the orphan Simultaneous from a particularly violent siege during the Middle Ages. Marcellus found the young Simultaneous to be disobedient, rude, and far too bright for his own good, knowing talent when he saw it. He spent some time experimenting with the creation of magic-manipulating micro-chips, hoping to develop ways of assembling power objects from digital/magical components (Transdimensional TMNT). Against his wishes, Renet once time-traveled off with Lord Simultaneous Sceptre of the Sands of Time to modern-day New York. Fleeing Simultaneous further, she and the Turtles went to 1406, where they teamed with Cerebus to get the Sceptre back from Savanti Romero, who was bent on stealing it for himself. Simultaneous appeared and cast Savanti into prehistoric times (TMNT Vol. 1, #8). 


Savanti JulietEnchantress and wife of Savanti Romero. Juliet vowed revenge against the Turtles after her husbands banishment into pre-historic times and assumed death (TMNT Vol. 1, #8 & Tales of the TMNT #7). Finally she made her appearance, engineering a plan to tap into the void of time to summon power to have her vengeance, until the Turtles and Renet stopped her. Ultimately, Renet turned her powers against her and killed Juliet (TMNT Vol. 1, #42).


Savanti Romero(Full name: "Savanti Alfonso Juanito Geriero Santiago Romero") Former apprentice of the time lord, Lord Simultaneous, and husband of Savanti Juliet, he was once charged with the duties of maintaining the flow of time. Too ambitious and arrogant, he once tried to turn the tables on his master by "editing out" Simultaneous out. For his actions he was sentenced to death by the Council of the 79th Level, a sentence which was commuted to a lifetime banishment to 1406 A.D. As an added punishment, Lord Simultaneous changed his form into that of a demonic-like being (Transdimensional TMNT). There he met the Turtles, Cerebus, and Renet, as he attempted to attain the Sceptre of the Sands of Time that had enabled the group to travel to that era. He nearly succeeded until Lord Simultaneous appeared and banished Savanti even further into the past to prehistoric times (TMNT Vol. 1, #8). Savanti used his sorcery to send a message to the Turtles in the present, challenging them to another fight. Worrying that Savanti would corrupt the timestream, the Turtles and Renet used the Sceptre to transport to prehistoric times, where they fought Savanti again. After Savanti’s own magic was turned against him, he fell both charred and frozen into a nearby lake. After retrieving the Sceptre, the Turtles returned to their own time (Tales of the TMNT #7). The Turtles were forced to confront Savanti Romero a third time when Gosei Hattori, a samurai-descendant and friend of theirs, came to them upon the feeling that history had changed. It would later be revealed that he had been cryogenically frozen in the lake he fell into previously, thawing and awakening millions of years later in fourteenth century Japan. With Renet’s help, the Turtles transported to 1373 Japan and found Savanti Romero to have taken control of a faction of Japanese warriors as well as a dinosaur-like samurai called Chote. He had remained suspended in rock for thousands of years until he had broken free in Feudal Japan. The Turtles and Renet managed to subdue Savanti, and once again they banished him to prehistoric times (TMNT Vol. 1, #46 & 47).


( See Sandelheim, Lord Marcus )


"Lady Shredder"Woman of unknown identity that stepped forward to challenge both Raphael and Pimiko after their duel to determine the next leader of the New York Foot Clan. The treacherous Cheng assisted her rise to power (TMNT Vol. 3, #22 & 23). Assumed to be Karai.


( See Oroku Saki )



Dr. Baxter StockmanBaxter Stockman - CyborgA moderately insane scientist. Working with his assistant, a young April O’Neil, Dr. Baxter Stockman designed and built an army of robotic "mousers," which he had allegedly created to effectively rid New York of its unwanted rodent population. He instead intended to utilize his mousers on a grander scale, using them to rob banks and hold the city at ransom. When April discovered this agenda, Baxter feared she would notify the authorities, so he sent his mousers after her. After being rescued by the Turtles, April returned with them to stop Baxter, fighting their way through his mousers to stop his plans short, then leaving him to be arrested (TMNT Vol. 1, #2). Baxter somehow managed to escape prison (that or they simply released him) and infiltrated a DARPA research base in Nevada. Killing the guards, he used what equipment they had to construct a robotic body, then had his machinery surgically transfer his brain into it. Now a cyborg, Baxter took his glasses and made his way to New York, where he sought vengeance against April O’Neil and the Turtles. His plans fell short, however, when Leonardo overloaded him with electricity in a sewer confrontation. Exploding, there was little left of Baxter but his glasses (TMNT Vol. 2, #2 - 9).


Tang ShenWoman whom Hamato Yoshi fell in love with during his days in the Japanese Foot Clan. After Oroku Nagi, jealous of Yoshi, beat Shen, Yoshi killed Nagi. Exiled from Japan and the Foot Clan, Yoshi took Shen to New York, where they were wed and lived happily for close to a decade. One night while Yoshi was out getting groceries Oroku Saki, the vengeful younger brother of Nagi, broke into their apartment and slew Shen, then Yoshi (TMNT Vol. 1, #1).


LucindraA woman skilled in the Martial Arts, formerly a waitress at "Josies," then a bartender. Something of a trainer in her spare time, Raphael called her up one day for a sparring session. After an intense scuffle, Raphael ceded the bout to Lucindra after he took two out of three falls (Turtle Soup #1). After more sparring sessions, all of which Raphael again lost, members of the Foot Clan followed her to her apartment, where she went to see her brother, Malcolm. The Foot then staged an ambush when Lucindra met Raphael in the sewer for another sparring session, hitting her and Raphael with poison-tipped shuriken. The others Turtles found the two unconscious, and Splinter healed them. Upon awakening, Lucindra was offered the chance to train with the Turtles, an offer she refused in the interest of going back to her family and brother. After giving Raphael a good luck token, Lucindra left (TMNT Vol. 1, #46).


Renet Tilley (1)Renet Tilley (2)Renet Tilley (3)The youthful apprentice of the time lord, Lord Simultaneous. A rather reluctant, spoiled, and impulsive teenager, Renets parents, also denizens of the 79th Level, hoped that apprenticing her to Lord Simultaneous would help her develop some kind of common sense. Renet first met the Turtles when she time-traveled off with Lord Simultaneous Sceptre of the Sands of Time to modern-day New York. Fleeing Simultaneous further, she and the Turtles went to 1406 A.D., where they teamed with Cerebus to get the Sceptre back from Savanti Romero, who was bent on stealing it for himself. Simultaneous appeared and cast Savanti into prehistoric times (TMNT Vol. 1, #8). Renet later sent the Turtles a time cube borrowed from Lord Simultaneous. The Turtles, out of curiosity and boredom, used the cube to go on a trip to various eras, including the creation of the universe itself before returning to the present (TMNT Vol. 1, #33). When the Turtles accepted Savantis challenge in the present, Renet appeared and accompanied them to do battle with Savanti Romero in prehistoric times. After defeating him, they were forced to spend several weeks there until they were able to retrieve the Sceptre of Time (Tales of the TMNT #7, Turtle Soup #3 & Shellshock). A much older Renet, now the Mistress of Time in Lord Simultaneous place after his retirement, came to the Turtles assistance against Savanti Juliet, who was attempting to exact revenge for the apparent death of her husband. Renet used Juliets powers against her, killing her (TMNT Vol. 1, #42). Renet, somewhat younger than the version of herself that helped them defeat Savanti Juliet but older than the version that accompanied the Turtles to prehistoric times, returned to send and accompany the Turtles to Feudal Japan to stop Savanti Romeros latest plot of revenge. As Lord Simultaneous had once done, she exiled Savanti back to prehistoric times (TMNT Vol. 1, #46 & 47).


Master TraquerA supreme vampire and leader of a large group of Massachusetts vampires operating out of Innsmouth. He had his people break into the Library Annex of the University of Massachusetts to obtain an artifact, Casey Jones and April ONeil among those taken captive within. After his enemy, Clark Ashton Allard, escaping from his battle with the vampires in the annex to recuperate, was captured personally by Traquer, he was taken to Innsmouth, where the vampires were preparing to bring the being Dagon into their dimension. Joined by the Turtles and Casey Jones, Allard was able to close the gateway from the other side by tossing the artifact they used to summon Dagon into Dagons mouth. Traquer was then killed by Max, a teenage kid who had been captured along with Allard previously, who took Casey Jones broken baseball bat and thrust it into Traquers back (TMNT Vol. 1, #29).


( See Go-Komodo, Warlord )


Max "Complete Carnage" Wilsocchi(AKA "Complete Carnage") Malevolent-hearted supervillain and arch-enemy of Radical. As a child, when he did chores for a Native American man and his granddaughter, Hazel McIntyre/Raven Shadow Heart (later to be known as Radical) Max Wilsocchi made the mistake of violating sacred ground, placing a curse on himself that would one day catch up with him (TMNT Vol. 1, #27). He aspired to become a "dumb jock" in his childhood, deliberately playing down his high intelligence by not studying and spending all his time playing sports. Unfortunately he just did not have the talent to make it into the majors, or even to get picked for first string in his college football team. And, after ignoring schoolwork all his life, he finally flunked out in his junior year. Then, years later, while working in his concrete construction job, but one of the several odd jobs he had been working for an illegal betting ring, Max was struck by lightning while he worked, instantly mutating him into a powerful, monster-like being (Transdimensional TMNT). He accepted the name "Complete Carnage." One of Radical and Carnage’s earliest confrontations occurred when Casey Jones and Raphael stumbled into him while entering a building they thought abandoned. Radical appeared and, after a short fight, flung him with enough power to send him halfway across the world (Shell Shock). Bouncing off a 747, Carnage crashed into the temple of the Holy Order of Zentaoists, a religious cult located in the upper New York state. Received as a prophet, the cult taught him of his hidden abilities. Now possessing the ability to freely pass through and absorb into man-made things, he posed an even greater threat to Radical. Another confrontation occurred when Carnage appeared when she was biking, surprising and nearly overtaking her. Pulling off his arm, Radical lured him away with the help of the Turtles, then used her "Particle Beam" ability, warping them to the ethereal-like "Dreamscape" (Tales of the TMNT #5). Radical and Carnage sparred for the final time when she sought out Carnage, having the Turtles distract him while she prepared a spell that liquefied the road Carnage attempted to dive into, liquefying (and killing) him in the process (TMNT Vol. 1, #27). It seemed the arm Radical pulled from Carnage’s socket fell into the hands of the Whelan-Freas Scientific Research Center. The center generated a clone of Carnage from the arm, a clone that escaped to go on a rampage in Chicago. The Turtles, learning of this, sought Radical’s help. She was unable to intervene against Carnage because she did not have permission from the "council," (because the creature rampaging was a clone, not the real Carnage—the being she was destined to fight and had already beaten) but the Turtles were victorious nonetheless with the help of Officer Dragon. Flung far and deep into Lake Michigan, the cloned Carnage was drowned by one of the Dragon’s deadliest foes, the Fiend (TMNT/TSD II & TSD series #22).


Johnny Woo WooA ruthless Chinese hitman and brother of Midnight. Part of the Chinese mob, he became charged with the task of assassinating Midnight when Dong, his boss, wrongly claimed Midnight had murdered his son and then talked to the authorities. In a literal murdering spree, he chased her and her newfound friends, Casey Jones and Raphael, to New York, then to the place they believed to be "Sanctuary," where Johnny and Midnight engaged in a butterfly sword fight. Johnny confessed his affection for his sister before falling from her blade (Body Count #1 - 4).


ZogOne of the three Triceratons that was transported to Earth by the TCRI Utroms (TMNT Vol. 1, #6 & 7). After escaping the destruction of the TCRI building, Zog fled to the sewers, where he lived for about a year. Deprived of his natural atmosphere, his brain decayed over this time, causing him to mistake Raphael for a superior Triceraton officer when he ran into him in the sewers. When the Turtles got together, Zog took orders from them and helped clear the way into the Foots Hudson Block complex, slaying countless Foot in the process. While the Turtles were elsewhere, Zog was attacked and slain by the three Shredder test-worm clones (TMNT Vol. 1, #19 & 20). During his year long stay in the sewers Zog had evidently begun construction of a Triceraton aircar that Donatello would later discover and complete, then remodel (TMNT Vol. 3, #2 & 10).



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