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    They experiemented with making the heroes older in Kingdom Come. I still didn't care for it...

    I think that they should all stay in their early 30s except for the JSA, I think that their should be a mentoring affect for some of the others.

    Like in WANTED when Alan Scott just commands attention from Hal, I thought that was a powerful statement.


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      Point is Hal + Grey= Bad
      Hal + Parallax + Grey= Good
      KC Supes looks pretty good with the grey temples.


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        My attitude about it was that you had younger Lanterns in Guy, John and later Kyle. So it was not harmful for Hal to be older, and it gave him a gravitas that I liked.

        I think Geoff has kind of gone off-track. Hal has been Parallax and the Spectre, and he's possessed all the power of the Central Power Battery. I think those experiences should have aged him, and I mean that in a good way.


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          Some are forgetting, I think, that the reason why they did what they did with Hal and brought in Kyle was to shake things up and attract a younger audience...they needed big events *i.e. Death Of Superman, Emerald Twilight, Broken Bat* to boost sales and they needed to attract younger readers.

          They did it with Batman by giving Robin is own book and making a new, edgier Batman

          They did it with Superman by bringing in the Supermen and Superboy

          and they did it with GL by bringing in Kyle.

          Point have Hal come back as in his 40s again, that would've destroyed the point of the past 10 years of GL comics...attract younger readers.


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            Originally posted by Lantern2814.20850 View Post
            Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake Stephanie Brown* and now Damien Wayne

            *Stephanie on her "Death-bed" asked Bruce if she was ever really Robin or if it was just a ploy to get Tim to come back Batman told her she was truly Robin for that time
            Technically, Bruce only did go through four Robins as Damien didn't get the nod 'til Dick took over but the general public doesn't know Batman is now the former Nightwing

            Don't know why I wasn't thinking about Damien, guess I was stuck on Bruce's Robins


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              I didn't mind them but felt they only worked if he age progressed along with the other Silver Age heroes. I didn't like them when you saw Batman, Wonder Woman or Superman looking like they are in the late 20s. One thing I loved about GL is the history to it so I wouldn't mind a Grey templed Hal and a Salt/Peppered John to show the history and progression along with Guy and Kyle but it just doesn't work when you tie him to other heroes. I'm glad they are gone.


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                That was my complaint

                Hal got older, but Superman, Wonderwoman, Batman, and the rest of the DCU stayed young.


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                  I never had a problem with Reed Richards' gray temples. He doesn't seem extremely old to me, just... hmm... distinguished. I got to know Green Lantern as a concept during the "Hal had gray temples" era, so that's how it stuck with me. I'm not angry they're gone, but if they had stayed, that would have been okay with me.


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                    Hal's grey temples was good for the story at the time (Emerald Twilight) and the Parallax infestation explanation was feasible. As mentioned by a few others, if the rest of the DCU aged with him, fine but you can't have an aged Hal while everyone else stays the same. As of now, I like Hal without the grey. Besides, I associate the grey temples with mad, power-hungry villains like Vandal Savage and Ra's Al Ghul.


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                      if its true that Hal got is grey temples from Parallax or that Parallax just added abit more grey, then I think its good that he still has it.

                      Wait for it nw, here I go reading too much into a situation:
                      its kinda fair to say that Parallax was a bad guy, so mayb the grey temples remaining are a permanent reminder to Hal of all the bad things he did as Parallax and how he gave into his own fears.

                      but I reckon the grey has in fact gotten smaller since Rebirth.
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                        I actually liked Hal's greying temples (of course I also liked him as Parallax...)

                        They made him look more distinguished and showed he was just entering early middle age (as he should be)




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                          Parallax being the cause for his gray hair is just lame. I would have much preferred it if we saw a panel where Hal was in his bathroom and there was a box of Just For Men on his sink counter top.

                          I think Rebirth is a great story and very well written... but there are a lot of nonsensical aspects to Hal's return.
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                            actually Hal should only be about 35 in comic book age right?


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                              I didnt like it.


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                                as shallow as it might sound, I find him hotter with grey temples.