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    I'm surprised I missed this poll, but it looks like it died right around the time I was starting to become active.

    Anyway, I clicked "liked." It wasn't important to me--I didn't need them, but it conveyed that he was the seasoned vet and I like that. One of the things that I really hated about the New 52 was making everyone so young. It's bad enough that TV and cinema convey the idea that life ends at 29, comics didn't need to follow.


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      I liked that they gave him an older look, like a true vet. They should have kept them really kind of set him apart.


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        Also like; makes him stand out, grey/white hair is cool and makes it seem like there's a greater age difference between the Lanterns as opposed to them all being in their 30s and 20s. Would be cool to have a story where Hal's going grey again and worries about the influence of Parallax, but it turns out it's just normal
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          They've gotten a lot of support in this thread. A reboot might be a good time to bring them back.

          Something else -- with a more dignified look, I think the writers wouldn't portray him as so lacking in impulse control and so boneheaded.
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