03.23.03 ( Sunday ) 12:25 am PDT

"All That You Leave Behind..." story completed!
On September 11th, 2001, four Turtles' feuds with one another become moot during a terrorist attack that unites a city, a country... and the four brothers who live their lives in shadow. Click here to read "All That You Leave Behind..." 

08.09.02 ( Friday ) 10:45 am PDT

TMNT Vol. 4, #3 released!
It's out! Grab your copy!

John Woo CGI movie situation!
From what I understand (after speaking with Dan Berger of www.ninjaturtles.com) is this: The studio deal for the fourth movie (in CGI) to be directed by a still-enthusiastic John Woo, is dependant on a new Turtles TV series getting on the air. If Mirage can get a new TV series on the air, we will see the CGI TMNT movie.

Fact #1 : The original idea and pilot for a new TMNT TV series in CGI was rejected by all parties it was pitched to.

Fact #2 : Present concept for the new TMNT TV series will not be in CGI, but animated as the first cartoon was. Mirage is optimistic about this TV series.

Fact #3 : The John Woo-directed CGI fourth movie will not meet its Christmas 2002 release date for the reasons stated above. As speculation aside, we have to consider the release date "unknown." Keep your eyes peeled here on Corona for updates on the John Woo TMNT flick.

03.26.02 ( Tuesday ) 4:35 am PDT

The TMNT are back!TMNT Vol. 4, #2 released!
Well, actually it's been out for about a month now and #3 is due out in a couple weeks here, but this news brief is long overdue for what is turning out to be a killer bi-monthly series from the TMNT's co-creator.

Comic sections updated
With a new section for the all-new Volume 4 added! Check it here.

TMNT chronology section updated
It seems the Turtles are indeed age 28 in the all-new fourth volume. Read about it here, along with the rest of the TMNT's chronology.


03.19.02 ( Tuesday ) 4:35 am PDT

"Ninja Turtles : Transcension 2 - Deliverance" updated!
Sharon "Horseturtle" Lee's long-awaited first chapter (following my prologue, posted a year ago) to this sequel to the time-traveling, dimension-spanning original Transcension. Members of all the incarnations of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles must gather and travel to the real world - our world - and seek out members of Mirage Studios while the clock ticks down on their demise. Will the world remember the TMNT before it's too late?

Read "Deliverance" here.

01.01.02 ( Monday ) 2:55 am PDT

Happy New Year!
2002 is here... and updates will soon follow. With a John Woo directed CGI movie in the works and a new comic from Peter Laird and Mirage Studios, it looks as though 2002 could very well see a resurgence of the fearsome foursome.

10.07.00 ( Saturday ) 1:08 am PDT

"Ninja Turtles" ( TMNT movie #4 ) Screenplay now available to read. . .
Read the 2nd draft of my own screenplay (note : not the current version being read), submitted & delivered into the hands of Kevin Eastman as long ago as the 1999 San Diego Comic Con, by clicking on the below icon, or check out the updated section here.

07.28.00 ( Saturday ) 1:38 am PDT

Muscle & Faith completed
Read the completed online-only (so far) via clicking on the below icon. 

As said before, be sure and sign the Flying Colors guestbook and request this online comic be printed for the general public if you want to see this ever reach comic stories.