09.25.98 (Friday)

New release of DTMNT Arcade emulator 3:35am PDT
Version .51 is now out. Click here.

09.20.98 (Sunday)

First look at on-line TMNT comic! 12:49am PDT
Click here to get a sneak peak at the first story that I will write for the new "Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" on-line comic. In terms of story, this first short but sweet arc a twenty year-old Raphael examines his place in society and has a run in with his old sparring partner, Lucindra.

Final nail in new video game project coffin?
When queried about the alleged TMNT game from Playmates Interactive, Molly Bode replied:

"We no longer have a contract with Playmates Interactive."

New Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation news!
And it could prove to be good news. Click here.

New release of DTMNT Arcade emulator
Version .50 is now out. Click here.

09.05.98 (Saturday)

New TMNT video game dead 1:18am PDT
While one Kevin Eastman-spread rumor begins circulating (he stated at the San Diego Comic Convention that an animated Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation was a possibility) another one has evidently been struck down, despite some considerable hope spurred by the July issue of PSM, in which a game called "TMNT 3-D" was given a "Third Quarter, 1998" release date.

"Playmates interactive which is the Turtle toy company is working on a game right now." Kevin Eastman, co-TMNT creator (October, 1997)

"Haven't heard a word about it. That doesn't mean it's not happening though. =O)" - Dan Berger, Mirage Studios (August, 1998)

"Unfortunately not, no plans for a TMNT game at this time." - Playmates Interactive Entertainment (PIE) Consumer Service rep (September, 1998)

"Tales of the TMNT" Returns... TMNT On-line Comic Book Coming!
The first "issue" tentatively scheduled for release in November, I am writing, pencilling, scanning, and appending CGI effects for an on-line Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic that I will make available to read on this website. In complete Mirage/Image continuity, it tells TMNT stories from a number of points in their past, present, and future. Send me any ideas here, or if you would like to help/contribute.

08.29.98 (Saturday)

Comic Encyclopedia completed! 12:05am PDT
All the comprehensive up-to-date information on just about every character, organization, and alien(s) in the Mirage and Image comics since the debut of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic in 1984, now with scanned pics for every entry. If youre a new reader of the Image series (or are looking to get into it), this is a must-see.

Check it out here.

08.16.98 (Sunday)

Dawn is Near... 12:12am PDT
Having at last obtained a flat bed scanner of my own, expect the Ninja Turtles Empire to flourish, and flourish fast. The comic character listing section will be given a scan of every character listed there, and memorable comic book scenes will be scanned and made readable on this site. More Volume 1 & 2 scans are coming soon, as well as some from other mini-series, etc. Let me know of anything in particular youd like to see (Ive got basically everything).

For starters, Ive scanned the return of Klunk scene from Vol. 3, #15 here, and the "death" of Splinter scene from Vol. 3, #16 (with a comparable scan of the envisioned death of Splinter scene from Vol. 2, #1) here.

08.13.98 (Thursday)

TMNT #16 is out! 12:15am PDT
The Turtles finally confront Raphael, discovering his alter-ego... the Shredder. At the issues conclusion, Splinters fate may at last be sealed. See the comic section here.

Get off your ass and pick up a copy today!

Even more Ninja Turtles IV Movie News!
It just keeps rolling in! Now with a new format and some possible title graphics. Click here.

08.07.98 (Friday)

More Ninja Turtles IV Movie News! 3:35am PDT
Maybe its not looking so bad after all! Hear Dan Bergers testimony here.

08.04.98 (Tuesday)

Latest news on Ninja Turtles IV 1:25am PDT
Its not looking any better than it did last year, but you can find the most comprehensive fact/rumor/news listing on the fourth Turtles motion picture here.

Fanfiction bonanza!
Not only is the fourth chapter of "Shredder: The Decadence" is now up, but "TMNT/ALIEN/PREDATOR: Code of the Warrior" has been revised and expanded with a new prologue and look!