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  • You "announced" (on another board ) that Wally's new costume will debut in issue #6. I'm getting the feeling that the main bulk of the series will be wrapped up in the first five issues and the "recently" added #6 will be a look-ahead type book. What changed in the original plans for you guys to push Wally's new costume back all the way to issue #6?


    • When will you or DC reveal the Blackest Night variants you did/are doing?


      • Whoa, I have a lot of catching up to do! Here goes!


        • Originally posted by Mister Ed View Post
          How does THAT work? I can see Ronnie Raymond, but in what way could he be Firestorm, given the fact that supposedly Firestorm is now some kind of matrix that requires more than one person to activate (not entirely clear on this) and that it is already associated with a living person?
          Wait and see! I got to hear Geoff expound upon his FIRESTORM notions a week or so ago, after I turned in the Blackest Night variant cover for issue #3, which is an all-Firestorm image. He's got some Totally Rad ideas.


          • Originally posted by irongreen2814 View Post
            Ethan, any plans to Visit Austin Texas, Austin Books and Comics. It would be really cool if you could visit
            No plans, but I love Texas and Texans, and if time permits, (perhaps in 2010) I'd love to come and visit y'all!


            • Originally posted by Caleb Lancaster View Post
              I hope you plan to keep your Promise of naming some background character that you'll only find out the name of in a Secret Files Caleb Lancaster.
              That'll be a lot harder in the Flash Universe than it'd have been with GL.


              • Originally posted by Corwin View Post
                Ssssssshhhhhhhhhhh don't you know he's married?


                How's the drawing going? We met at Mega Con in Orlando and you did a wonderful John Stewart sketch in the back of my custom bound Green Lantern books. (Thanks again btw). But we were discussing how you were trying to buckle down and become a monthly artist. I recently heard you on Wordballoon and you were making 17 pages in a month or so. How has that been working out? IF Dido/DC green lights (no pun intended) a monthly Flash book I would expect for it to launch out of Blackest Night. So if we do get a new Flash book do you think we'll get word in 2009 or 2010?
                Hello, Corwin!

                Becoming a monthly artist is great and it sucks at the same time. There are shortcuts, many that the fans give you a slap for, that must be taken to get those pages in Fed Ex boxes on time. It's painful as hell, especially for someone like me, to turn in work that you don't feel like you're ready to let go of yet. But...!

                You'll get a FLASH announcement soon.


                • Originally posted by irongreen2814 View Post
                  Are we going to see Barry's reaction about Bruces Death
                  If we do, I haven't seen it in a script yet. But I don't think we will, only because if Bruce ever does return, it'll "date" FLASH:REBIRTH for future readers. So I think Geoff mentioned it in issue #3, and that's about all.


                  • Originally posted by A_Q Lantern View Post
                    Hello Mr Ethan,
                    Wondering wats your schedule liked now? i really damn Hope you can do a couple More 1 shots/Gl covers in BN! Cant wait to see your teasers Here! Amazed Us!!!
                    My schedule is jam-packed. I'm producing BN covers, two of which are finished. One got away from me, with issue #2, because time was so very, very choked with Flash stuff. But I'll have covers on 1 and 3-7 if it kills me.


                    • Originally posted by A_Q Lantern View Post
                      Mr Ethan,will we be seeing Sup/wonder wowan getting a Power Ring? If they Do we will see the BIG 3 Ring Slingers! Liked your Vote on Violet lanterns & think Guy Should Vote to become one sometime...heehe
                      It's funny...I saw this cheerleading movie called FIRED UP! with my wife the other night, and I thought this same joke could be applied to Guy Gardner story. He'd win a violet ring just to hang out with all of those beautiful alien women. He'd have to wear violet, but hey, look at all the chicks!


                      • Originally posted by zgman View Post
                        What about the Flash on the cover of THE LAST DAYS OF ANIMAL MAN #3, or is that just another Flash?
                        That has nothing to do with our Wally costume. Really, when you see it you'll say, "Oh yeah! Of course!" Bolland's is nifty, but we try to remain very traditional around here.


                        • Originally posted by The_Mad_Dragon View Post
                          Mr. Van Sciver,

                          Is there any hope at all you could make a GLC bikini Calender?
                          Ewww! Naw. Not that I wouldn't like to draw Kilowog in a g-string...


                          • Originally posted by Mewzard View Post
                            It reminds me of one of the two commissions I had in mind.

                            1. Blue Lantern Superman, with Sinestro Corps Batman and Indigo Tribe Wonder Woman at his side*thanks to inspiration via Ethan himself*

                            2. War of Light Pinup (*left to right, on a beach* Red Lantern Laira and Bleez, an Orange Lantern girl *The Raptor head girl and fire head girl are the least monstrous <_<*, Sinestro Corps Lyssa Drax, Natu and Iolande on either side of a female Guardian, Blue Lantern Sercy and Sayd, Indigo's Indigo, and Star Sapphire Miri and Queen Apa'go. Oh, and Scar in the background, spewing black energy, nearing the lanterns. Trying to keep leadership in where feminine. In a nice beach setting, in spectrum formed bikinis. Would make a great wallposter/teaser *throw in some subtle hints* for things to come. *though, no cons are ever within driving range, so neither pic will see the light of day, sadly*

                            That moment of brain failing aside, I do have some questions:

                            1. What was your favorite Black Lantern design?

                            2. How far back do the dead rising go? Will we see Zombie Lincoln? Undead Caligula? Or, is there no limit to how far off or how old the body is? *Dare I say, Black Ring falling into quantum singularity, and pulling out Black Lantern Darkseid?*

                            3. What is your favorite Corps?

                            4. What is your favorite single comic issue to draw?
                            Hey Mewzard!

                            1. Earth 2 Superman, although the toy has him all hunched over and looking like Frankenstein....He really is meant to look more majestic. Like....well, like this:

                            2. That's up to Geoff! I think worry about the DCU characters is where he's drawing the line.
                            3. The Red Lanterns!
                            4. Probably Green Lantern Rebirth #1 or 4.


                            • Originally posted by ion.nai View Post
                              Mr Van Sciver,

                              What creative process do you go through when coming up with alien characters or creatures? Do they just spring to mind? or do you base them on animals or some form of existing creature? also who is your favourite non humanoid GL that you have had to draw?
                              They really do just spring to mind, a few little ideas at a time. I can force bland ones by thinking about Earth animals, but I'll just be walking around my house aimlessly and I'll get a weird idea.

                              My favorite non humanoid GL...That's a toss up between Kilowog and Salaak. Love them both.


                              • Originally posted by W.West View Post
                                Hope ya feeling better, heard you couldn't make it out Arizona for FCBD.

                                Here's something to keep your spirits busy; Questions by me.

                                Will Barry be on every cover of Flash:Rebirth solo including the variants?

                                Has Geoff discussed a lot of his plans for the ongoing title with you? If so, (I know you're contractually/friendship obligated to say yes) does it sound good? Or better yet, does it provide a consistently entertaining story that will undoubtedly top the last 3years of Flash issues?

                                This one isn't a question. Its a demand. Tell Geoff to find a way to put Linda into this mini NOW.

                                Speaking of Linda, and I'm sure I already know the answer but whatever. Iris or Linda? Which soulmate do you prefer? I prefer Linda, because I think they basically matured together (and I prefer Wally over Barry of course).

                                You are either working on issue #4 or 5 of Rebirth(YOU BETTER BE! ), how does the thought of Wally getting a new costume seem now? Now that you and Geoff have had time to mull it over, and you've probably had time to perfect it....Does the reasoning for a new look still stand? Is it really necessary? You guys do know that its not that hard tell Barry/Wally apart from each other? Green/Blue eyes for instance....I just don't want that to be the sole reason Wally gets a new look.

                                How much has the ending of Blackest Night changed since Geoff first brought it up to you? Its gathered quite a huge backing, and a lot is at stake...for the entire DCU, what kind of adjustments do you know of?

                                Can you give us a estimated time of arrival for the hopefully titled "Plastic Man:Year One"? Q4 2009? What is it about him that makes him so interesting to you?

                                One more(for today), DC has yet to announce who's teaming with Frank Quietly and Grant Morrison for Batman and Robin. That major help to get that title out on time wouldn't be you would it?
                                No, Barry isn't the star of every cover of F:R

                                Geoff and I have discussed FLASH and his future pretty thoroughly, and yes, it is astounding.

                                Linda is in issue 4.

                                I guess I prefer Iris, since I'm working on her kind of hard, and I've put a lot of thought into who she is. Linda isn't really mine. Not yet.

                                Wally needs a new suit, but one that is familiar to his fans.

                                At this point, I'm pretty divorced from the creative process of Blackest Night. I helped design and create it, but Geoff has raised it by himself for the past year or so. And my mind is on FLASH, so I'm not very interested in what is going on in the GL books, except where it concerns the covers I am doing.

                                Plastic Man is a big I don't know.

                                I will not be teaming with Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely for Batman and Robin, or any Batman title.